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Dec 13, 2016 -

xmas pic - edited (2)

Christmas is only 14 days away! Have you put up the decorations yet?

We are getting more and more excited about Christmas here at Ignition Global Consulting.
There are two schools of people when it comes to Christmas as it is the same for most of the festive occasions. The first school of people is the people who really like Christmas, cannot wait to celebrate and would often go over the top doing it. The second school is the people who treat Christmas as “no big deal” and they celebrate because it is something that they think they must do. Oh, and of course there is the Grinch who really hates Christmas!

We want to celebrate Christmas because it is the time for us to party, have fun and get to know each other better. We want to celebrate Christmas because it is important for us as a company to have a Christmas celebration with our employees who have become our second family. Christmas provides us the time and the chance to recognise all the hard work we have done together, the friendship that have been forged throughout the years working together and growing together as a team. These and all the glittering lights, the beautiful decorations, the Christmas songs that fill the air and let’s not forget to mention about the sumptuous food, the presents and the booze that we could have. It really makes Christmas is truly magical time!