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Successfully Applying for a Job
Aug 04, 2022 -

” Standout amongst the crowd in the best way possible”

It’s easier than ever to apply for jobs online and we can all see on LinkedIn that job ads can get hundreds of applications.

And yet so many companies complain about a lack of talent with the people applying for the jobs not matching with their expectations.

If you are considering your options it can be tempting to start firing off CVs to every job ad that catches your eye. Not always a good idea!

Here are some tips on how to position yourself as the unique individual who is going to get hired and not just as another job seeker or “candidate”.

1. Before you apply – strategise

For senior, specialist and highly paid positions employers don’t want to hire just anyone. They want to hire the best person possible. It stands to reason that that person will have options and will be in demand.

If you come across as too available, or desperate for a job, you are less likely to get an offer. And even if you do you will be in a weak position to negotiate a good salary.

Limit the number of applications you make by only applying for jobs you want to do and that you have the ability to do very well. Identify the best opportunities for you and then invest some time in maximizing your chances of success for those opportunities.

2. Do your research

Research the company and the role. Try to figure out who the people are who are making this hire and what is their “pain”. If you can understand who is making the hiring decision and what problems they have you are well placed to present yourself to them as the solution.

3. Polish your personal brand
Personal branding is the reputation you build for yourself. It can be what people say about you, your reputation as a professional in your industry. More and more now days it is focused on how you present yourself online.

This is a big topic and your personal brand is always a work in progress. In short, as they used to say “dress for the job you want”. Present yourself consistently online, in person, and during a recruitment process.

4. Customise your resume

Tailor your resume to each position and company you are applying to. If you know what the job is doing and what “pain” the employer has you can highlight your specific skills and experience that make you the person for the job.

Your professional profile section and the achievements for your recent jobs are good places to sell yourself.

5. Now take action and apply!

Applying via a job advert is not always the best way to make yourself stand out. Choose the best channel for each application.

If you know someone at the company you can ask them to recommend you. You could contact the hiring manager directly. Sometimes applying via the job advert or company website is your best available route.

If a Recruiter or Head Hunter contacted you about the job then it is usually best to apply via them. However be aware that some jobs are being worked by multiple recruiters and having your CV sent twice reduces your perceived value. For senior, specialist or business critical positions astute business or HR leaders will usually only engage one head hunter. You should expect the recruiter to be able to add some value through their knowledge of the role / company or their exclusive / retained relationship with the employer.